Golgi Health’s mission is to provide patients with access to the highest quality healthcare services at prices affordable to their budgets and to guide them through the healing processes with satisfaction. With trusted guidance and a transparent approach, we are committed to being there for our patients every step of the way. As a pioneer in the field of medical tourism, we aim to provide equal and accessible healthcare services to people around the world.


Golgi Health is a reliable health tourism company based in Istanbul that provides the most affordable price according to the budget of the patients. It was established by highly successful health professionals in their field.

Our difference is the care we show for our patients, understanding the needs of our patients, and finding fast and affordable solutions.

Golgi Health; It takes its name from the Golgi apparatus, an organelle inside the cell. The Golgi body modifies the proteins coming from the endoplasmic reticulum, which is an intracellular transport medium, and synthesizes the materials to be transported into the cell. In this respect, it can be compared to a laboratory or operating room. Golgi health, as a health tourism institution, performs the surgeries of patients coming from far away in this way. Since the service we provide has a similar task to the Golgi body inside the cell, our company was named Golgi health.

Golgi Health is not a commercially profit driven organisation. It is a platform established for all people in the world to access health services easily and be treated at affordable prices, and it answers your questions within 24 hours.

Golgi Health, in particular, shares the knowledge of experienced doctors in the treatment of patients and allows you to choose a doctor for your treatment.

Golgi Health makes your job easier by giving you prices from different hospitals in Istanbul at the same time. It provides the opportunity to compare hospitals where you may want to be treated. It informs you about translators in different languages ​​in hospitals. It provides you with the images of the hospitals and allows you to choose between them. According to their budgets, our patients may prefer health care services ranging from class A to class C in comfort.

Since Golgi Health makes agreements with hospitals on a wholesale price and is non-profit, it allows you to have your treatment at more affordable prices than the price you get as a result of your direct contact with the hospitals.

In return for the service you receive from our site;

– Air ticket supply (Optional)

-Airport, hotel-hospital transfer services (Optional)

-Hotel reservation (Optional)

-Patient-specific quality and affordable treatment plans

Opportunity for secondary opinion in cases where there is doubt about the diagnosis made

-Translation service

-Istanbul trip (Optional)

-You will purchase a personal assistant service that you can contact during the treatment process.

Golgi Health is with you until your treatment is over and you return to your country. It is with you to solve all the problems you encounter, not just about health.

Our hospitals are currently only in Istanbul. Our patients can benefit from special prices at our contracted hospitals. You can buy a trip to Istanbul from the site. They can make airport and hotel transfers with our VIP vehicles.

Also, sign up for our email list to take advantage of the promotions offered by hospitals.

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You can share your health problems by filling out the form and requesting Golgi Health doctors to contact you for detailed information. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible to meet with you.


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